Nothing says I love you more then Bourbon and food!! Give your special someone the gift of love with tickets to The Parthenon wine dinner.

 Join us for an evening of wonderful cuisine & wine 

•Bourbon Dinner•

Thursday,January 24th @ 7:00 p.m.

$65 per person (Tax and tip not included.)

Please see your server or, stop in for tickets today!!


Bourbon Smoked Barbecue Wings.

paired with,

*Hunts Master Sour-Wild Turkey 101, Pineapple Jagermeister*


Bourbon Butternut Squash.

Paired with,

*Grand Ma’s Fizz-Elijah Craig, Lemon & Grand Marnier* 


Bourbon Glazed Salmon salad.

Paired with,

*Champagne Cocktail- Sparkling, Bitters & a dash of Slow & low.

First Course

Roasted Chicken with Bourbon Pear Butter Glaze.

Paired with,

*Berry Fizzy-Raspberry Liqueur, Evan Williams Label & Sparkling.*

Second Course

Steak Kabobs with Bourbon Teriyaki Sauce & Bourbon Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots.

Paired with,

*Bakku-St Germain, Yuzu Liqueur Ginger & Rittenhouse Rye.*


Bourbon Soaked Cherry Bread Pudding With Vanilla Glaze.

Paired with,

*Redemption Fizz-Redemption Bourbon, Frangelico, Orange Bitters, Egg white and soda.*

Large parties always welcomed, call the store in advance to make reservations today!! 

(402) 423-2222



“Diamond Importers” Wine Dinner

Featuring Guest Host Matt Reilly

Tuesday February 5th @ 7:00 p.m

$45.00 per person, ( tax and tip not included)

Please see your serer to purchase tickets

First Course

Whipped Feta & Roasted Red Pepper salad spread With pita chips

*Alpha Estate Malagouzia*

Second Course

Falafel, Crab cakes with Tzatziki Sauce

*Alexskis Assyriko*

Third Course

Mediterranean Flat bread, Extra Virgin Greek olive oil, Barrel Feta, Tomato Mountain Grown Greek oregano, & Greek Kalamata olives. 

*Skouras Moscofilero*

Forth Course

Ouzo Shrimp

*Skouras  “Zoe”*

Fifth Course

Marinated, Grilled Rack of Lamb Chops

*Skouras Saint George Aghiorghitiko*

Sixth Course

“Karidopita” (Walnut Cake)

*Ferreira White Port*


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